Sunday, 7 July 2013

SPONSORSHIP SUNDAY: Meet Kevine Ikirezi!

I’m really excited about beginning a new regular feature here at the Path of the Carpenter. Each Sunday, I’ll be introducing you to one of the children in our Shelter Them sponsorship program. We currently have 22 children, boys and girls, ranging in age from 1 to 19, available for sponsorship. Most of our children are either orphans or have been abandoned or given up by their parents, so we provide a home atmosphere for them. Each of our children lives in a house with up to five other children and one caretaker, so the children have as normal a life as possible instead of living in an orphanage environment.

Because Shelter Them provides everything for our children, including schooling, housing, medical care, clothing, meals, counseling if needed (some of our children come from abusive backgrounds) and occasionally treats like day trips, each child will need four sponsors. The cost of sponsorship is $40 (Canadian) per month. Right now, most of the funds we get from our different fundraising efforts such as galas, school visits, and the 100 Days of Change campaign, go towards renting houses for our children to live in. Our goal is to get four sponsors for each child, which would then free up our finances and allow us to focus on building our own houses so we no longer have to rent, and eventually, to focus on helping more children!

I want you to meet a very special little girl. This is Kevine Ikirezi. She is nine years old, and her birthday is January 25. Looking at her sweet face, it’s hard to believe that she and her mother were once homeless. They ate whatever they could find and slept in fields and ditches, wherever they could find a night’s shelter.

Kevine age 7
Because both Kevine and her mother were in such dire poverty, we were able to place them both into a home. Kevine’s mother is now the caretaker of our Girl’s Home and surrogate mama to three other girls besides her daughter.

The above picture is of “Papa Scott” (a good friend of mine) in November 2012 with the four girls from our Girl’s Home. Interestingly, two of the other girls are also named Kevine! All four are currently available for sponsorship. Kevine Ikirezi is on the far right. Now that Kevine has a roof over her head and good food to eat, she is doing very well and is in Primary 4A in school.
The above video is Kevine and Shakira, who live in a house with two other girls, doing a Rwandan traditional dance! Aren't they beautiful!

This is Kevine at a Shelter Them children’s camp last November. One of the days was a face-painting day… Kevine obviously had fun! Isn’t she a cute kitty-cat?

Would you consider sponsoring Kevine Ikirezi today? Just $40 a month will help us to provide her with hope and future, and your letters will help her to know how special and beautiful she is! You will receive regular letters and photo updates from her, and you can even visit her in Rwanda! She’s waiting for you… will you be the one?

If you’d like to sponsor Kevine, or if you would like to view the rest of our children available for sponsorship, you can visit us here: Shelter Them Child Sponsorship

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends so we can find Kevine a sponsor!

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