Sunday, 14 July 2013

SPONSORSHIP SUNDAY: Meet Patrick Manirafasha!

Welcome to the second official “Sponsorship Sunday!” Every Sunday, I feature a child from our Shelter Them program who desperately needs a sponsor. Unlike most sponsorship programs, we provide everything for our children: Housing, food, clothing, schooling, medical care, etc. For this reason, each of our children needs four sponsors. Sponsorship only costs $40 Canadian per month, and you have the security of knowing that 100%, yes, 100% of your sponsorship money goes directly to the child! Shelter them is a Registered Canadian Charitable Organization. Visit for more details.


This is Patrick Manirafasha. He is nine years old, and his birthday is January 3. The first time I saw this picture, I felt myself being drawn to those enormous brown eyes and that shy, sweet smile! But you may also notice the faint scars on Patrick’s face… you see, Patrick and his friend Olivier were street boys. They had no families, no food, no shelter, and neither of them had ever been to school. They had nothing but each other.

In December 2012, a Christian couple noticed the two boys on the street. This couple had just recently attended one of our Shelter Them galas, where they saw and experienced first-hand how Shelter Them is releasing children from poverty. And when they saw Patrick and Olivier, they decided to take the two boys home with them to get them off the street. Just a few days later, that same couple brought the boys to the Shelter Them office, where they were immediately taken in. Patrick and Olivier still have each other… but now they also have a roof over their heads, three meals a day, new clothing, a place to sleep, and a “Mama” who takes care of them and three other boys. And, just this past January, both boys started school for the first time!

Patrick is on the left, and his friend Olivier is on the right. Both boys were headed off to school for the first time ever, with new school clothes and backpacks! Look at how excited Patrick is!

This is Patrick's newest school uniform. I love his grin!

Just $40 a month will make sure that Patrick has everything he needs to continue his schooling and follow his dreams. He doesn’t have to know the hopelessness of the streets ever again. Will you show him that he is special and loved? You will receive regular letters and photo updates from him, and you can even visit him in Rwanda!

If you’d like to sponsor Patrick, or if you would like to view the rest of our children available for sponsorship, you can visit us here: Shelter Them Child Sponsorship.

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends so we can find Patrick a sponsor!

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  1. What a handsome young man!! I'll be praying that he gets sponsors quickly!!

  2. Isn't he? Thank you so much for your prayers!