Sunday, 1 September 2013

SPONSORSHIP SUNDAY: Meet Daniel Niyitegeka!

Welcome to the eighth post in the “Sponsorship Sunday” series! I was unable to post last Sunday since I was not feeling well. (I’ve recovered now, thankfully.) I apologize for the lateness of this post; I had a busy morning at church, went out of town for the day, and then had a small gig in the evening with Driftwood Cross. Hopefully I’ll make up for my slackness by showing you an extra dose of sweetness today.

This handsome young fellow is Daniel Niyitegeka. He is eight-and-a-half, and his birthday is on June 13. Daniel is Joshua Niyonziza’s older brother; I featured Joshua on August 11, and you can read about him HERE.

Daniel was only four when his mother passed away while giving birth to her sixth child, Joshua. Daniel’s oldest brother Elie tried to provide for his siblings, but he was barely 13 years old at the time. Their father had left when he found out his wife was expecting their sixth child. After the death of their mother, the children were facing starvation until a neighbor intervened and contacted Shelter Them. Thankfully, the children were moved into a new home with a wonderful, caring lady named Clarisse, who is raising all six children as her own.

This is Daniel when he was first rescued by Shelter Them. He was such a sad, serious little boy who never smiled; but that has changed now that he has a home and a future!

Daniel and “Papa Scott” spending some time together. Scott is a friend of mine who went on the Shelter Them mission trip to Rwanda last November.

Here is Jocelyne, one of the founders of Shelter Them, (you can read more about Jocelyne and her twin sister Josephine by clicking the Shelter Them tab at the top of this page) with Daniel’s family. From tallest to smallest: Elie, Sandrine, Josette, Josiane, Daniel, and Joshua. The Shelter Them team had a face-painting day with the children; it was obvious they enjoyed it!

Daniel and his little brother Joshua show off their painted faces. Joshua is on the left, Daniel on the right.

For just $40 a month ($38 U.S.) you can sponsor Daniel and make sure that he is well provided for throughout his life. You sponsorship provides Daniel with a house to live in, good food, clothing, schooling, medical care if needed, and everything else that a little boy needs to be happy and healthy (including treats occasionally!) You can write to Daniel and expect to receive regular letters and photo updates in return, and you can even choose to visit him in Rwanda!

If you’d like to sponsor Daniel Niyitegeka, or if you would like to view the rest of our children available for sponsorship, you can visit us here: Shelter Them Child Sponsorship.

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends so we can find him a sponsor!

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