Sunday, 29 September 2013

SPONSORSHIP SUNDAY: Meet Elie Itangashaka!

Hi everyone! Today is post number 12 in my “Sponsorship Sunday” series. It’s a labor of love to do these posts; each one takes me from one to three hours to complete. I don’t always get time on Sunday to complete them until very late, but I always make an effort to post them on time! 

I want to introduce you to a very, very brave and hard-working young man. This is Elie Itangishaka, and he is seventeen years old. His birthday is on June 13. Elie is the older brother to Joshua, Daniel, Josianne, Josette, and Sandrine. (I’ve already featured Joshua, Daniel, and Josette; you can read about them by clicking their names.)

Elie wasn’t even thirteen when his mother passed away during childbirth, leaving five siblings including newborn baby Joshua in his care. Like a true young soldier, Elie bravely did the best he could to keep his family together and scrape up enough food to survive on. But Rwanda isn’t an easy place to survive when you’re twelve years old and trying to support a family, and Elie and his siblings were facing slow starvation. They wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for the intervention of a neighbor, who told the sad story to the Shelter Them office. Thanks to their care, Elie and his five siblings now have a home together and are cared for by a wonderful lady named Clarisse, who has adopted the children as her own.Now, Elie is enjoying his boyhood without the burdens of a family resting on his young shoulders, although he is still a kind and caring older brother.

Elie is pictured here with sister Sandrine and baby brother Joshua, shortly after the family was rescued.

And here are Elie and Sandrine now, still as close as ever!

Here, Elie shows off his traditional Rwandan dance moves. He is growing into a handsome young man that we are all so proud of! Elie is also passionate about soccer and was given a new set of soccer shoes by our Rwanda Missions team in 2012. He was so excited!

Will you help Elie realize his dreams by sponsoring him? For just $40 a month ($38 US) you can help ensure that he will never again be the sole provider for his family, but he will have all the help and support he needs so he can just enjoy his role as big brother.

If you’d like to sponsor Elie Itangishaka, or if you would like to view the rest of our children available for sponsorship, you can visit us here: Shelter Them Child Sponsorship.

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends so we can find him a sponsor!

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