Sunday, 6 October 2013


Welcome to the thirteenth post of my “Sponsorship Sunday” series! We currently have 22 children in Rwanda, ranging in age from 1 to 19, available for sponsorship through our organization, Shelter Them. (You can read more about Shelter Them and its founders, Jocelyne and Josephine, by clicking the “Shelter Them” tab at the top of this page.) Sponsorship is just $40 a month, and 100% of your funding goes directly to your child. We also welcome sponsors from the U.S.

Now, I may be a bit biased, but six-year-old Kevine has to be one of the most adorable kids I’ve ever seen. Kevine is the youngest sister of Florence and Olivia (click on their names to read more about them), and her birthday is April 24.

But the first time our team ever saw Kevine, that dimpled smile was nowhere to be seen. Kevine lived with her mother, father, and two older sisters, one who is handicapped, in a tiny mud hut barely big enough for the five of them to squeeze into.

Here you can see Kevine sitting on the thin piece of dirty sponge that all five family members slept on at night. They had no blankets and covered themselves with the clothes that you see lying around. Kevine’s father is an unskilled labourer who was unable to make ends meet and provide the basics of life for his family. Her mother had to stay home to look after Olivia, Kevine’s older sister, who has what we believe is cerebral palsy.

Kevine’s eyes are heartbreaking in this photo. She was so shy and overwhelmed when the Shelter Them missions team first visited in November 2012. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a sadder looking child, and no wonder; the family had no food, no proper clothing, and no hope for a better future since there was no money for education or for medical care. The Shelter Them team knew they had to do something. And thanks to generous donations from people all across Canada, we were able to move the family into a rented house with a bedroom for Mama and Papa, one for Olivia, and one with bunk beds for Kevine and her oldest sister, Florence.

And here’s our sweet baby-doll girl now, in her new dress and shoes provided by Shelter Them. Isn’t she the cutest little thing? I just want to scoop her up and hug her! That impish little grin says there could be a little mischief in this next-to-youngest of all our kids. And she has hope for her future now; she can run and play in a clean, spacious environment instead of that crowded hut, and she has good, healthy food to eat and clean water to drink. She is also able to go to school now, and reach for her dreams.

Will you continue the cycle of giving, and make sure that Kevine and her family never have to go back to the slums? Your sponsorship will provide all the care this precious little angel needs, and your letters will be a blessing in her life. You are also welcome to visit your sponsored children in Rwanda.

If you’d like to sponsor Kevine Mutoni, or if you would like to view the rest of our children available for sponsorship, you can visit us here: Shelter Them Child Sponsorship.

Feel free to share this page with your family and friends so we can find her a sponsor!

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