Friday, 19 September 2014

Questions and Answers with Isimbi!

I’ve been a little concerned about my Isimbi lately… her letters seemed kind of repetitive and she didn’t seem to be putting much effort into them. Several months ago, I had sent her a letter that was strictly “questions” in hopes of getting her to open up. I also answered every question I sent her, so she would learn a little bit more about me. I had almost given up hopes of ever getting a detailed letter from her; until today!! I got a bubbly letter with answers to EVERY ONE of the EIGHT questions I had asked her!!

She began her letter by greeting me in the Name of Jesus Christ, as she does in every letter. She asked me how I was, and told me that her family was doing well. She then shared her school marks (A bit low) and that she hoped to get more marks next term. (May I add that her marks were still a significant improvement from what she’s shown in the past.)
Now on to the answers! In case her answers are a bit confusing, I’ll print the original questions I had asked in bold type and Isimbi’s answers in Italic type.
1.       Some things I am afraid of are insects and water, because I don’t know how to swim. What things are you afraid of? I fear water (lake) and wild animals.
2.       When I am sad, I like to talk with my friends and listen to music. What cheers you up when you are sad? I like funny things.
3.       When I was a student, my favorite subject was English. What is your favorite subject in school? I like Elementary Science.
4.       My best friends are named (here I listed four friends). Who are your best friends? My friends are Celine, Aline, Diane, and Hannah. (I wonder does she mean me or does she have another friend named Hannah?)
5.       I have known my friend R-------- for almost 15 years. How long have you known your best friend? I have been with Diane for 7 years.
6.       My favorite memory is of when I got to ride a horse for the first time. What is your favorite memory? When you came to visit me. (Actually referring to my friends’ visit, but still…awwwwwwwwww!)
7.       If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to Israel, Kenya, and Rwanda. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go? In America and England. (And Canada? Haha)
8.       What are some questions you would like to ask me? When will you come back to visit me?

Her last question broke my heart… especially in light of my last post, which talked about how I won’t be traveling to Rwanda this year. But at the same time, it touches my heart in a deep way that her favorite memory was of my friends’ visit. To a child growing up in rural Rwanda, it must have been very like having the king and queen visit… a sponsor visit is that important to a child. I only wish I could write back and tell her that I’m on my way… I pray the next two years go by quickly, and that the time will come for me to see her and hold her in person.

Isimbi showing some love to my friend David.

 Isimbi closed her letter with, “Thank you for the letter you sent to me. I got it and I liked it. Thank you so much Hannah!”

You’re so very welcome my sweet child!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

When Life Gets Crazy

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted here! My life has been kind of crazy… believe me, there are times when Uwimana Hannah hangs by her fingernails just like everyone else.

 In the past six months, I have gotten a job, moved to a different community, gotten an apartment, left my job, found another job, left my apartment, and found another apartment! I’ve tried to keep up with writing regularly to four kids whose letters seem to be arriving faster than I can respond to them. I’ve met with the members of Driftwood Cross and kept up with leading worship every Sunday with them. I’ve struggled to find time to blog or even write prose. And I’ve tried to find time to read God’s Love Letter to me (the Bible) and spend time with Him. Ultimately, I’ve failed. Sometimes, all I have energy to do is say “Lord, I’m so sorry… and I do really love You,” as I lay my head on the pillow to sleep.
Thank God He is merciful.
In the process of all this, sometimes it’s hard to find time to sit and think… to do what the Bible describes as, “being still and knowing that He is God.” But thankfully, there have been little revelations of God’s goodness all along the way. Now that my life seems to be settling somewhat, I look forward to sharing some of those serendipitous moments with you all. I’ve missed writing and interacting with my friends on my blog and on my Facebook page so much!

With that said… be on the lookout for some fun updates VERY soon!

May God keep you under the shadow of His wings!