Monday, 6 May 2013

Isimbi is Pleased!

Today I’m linking up with Michelle W. from Blogging from the Boonies for “Mail Call Monday”! If you haven’t checked out Michelle’s blog yet, you should! She shares her daily life as a homeschooling Mom, Compassion Advocate, and sponsor/correspondent of nineteen kids! She also has lots of resources for sponsors and plenty of neat stories to tell!

 On Saturday, I received a beautiful letter from my precious Isimbi. After I received her introduction letter, which is a form letter sent out to all new correspondents and sponsors, I waited impatiently for her first “real” letter. And when it finally arrived, I was blown away by how sweet and personal it was.

Before I share her letter, let me clear up one thing. The “visit” Isimbi mentions is actually referring to our church’s team that visited her last year; I actually haven’t been to see her yet. I’m guessing something got lost in translation, but no matter…

Isimbi writes,

“Dear Hannah, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. My family love you so much and we are glad that you visited us in Rwanda. Hope you liked it too. I am doing well in my studies and I am in Primary Four (P. 4) now. I request you to pray for me so that I can progress in my studies. I enjoy playing tennis ball and hand ball. We are preparing for Easter. May God’s peace be upon you. Happy Easter. Thank you so much for the letter that you sent to me and the card of colours. It pleased me. Thank you for wishing me a happy Easter. I liked your letter. Thank you so much.”

Can I just say that I melted into a happy puddle of tears? She is so grateful! I also liked getting confirmation that she received the “card of colours” I sent her, as well as the Easter letter. And not only did she receive them, but they pleased her! And she thanked me for wishing her a happy Easter. I’m so grateful for this precious glimpse into my girl’s heart, especially since I know some sponsors/correspondents never receive letters like this from their child.

The "Card of Colours" that Isimbi refers to.

Until next time, my sweet girl… I will be writing and waiting to hear from you again!


  1. What a precious letter!!!! That's fun to hear that Isimbi likes tennis and handball. And how neat to hear that she received your "card of colors"! It is a beautiful card!!

  2. I'm guessing she REALLY likes tennis; she's mentioned it in every letter I have from her! (Two addressed to me, and two for her financial sponsor.)