Thursday, 4 July 2013


You are mine. Why? Not because you grew inside me, joined to me physically. I have never felt your feet kicking just below my heart, nor thrilled to the knowledge that you were growing inside me. Nor have I given you your eyes, your hair, your laugh, or your skin. But you are mine.

Because when I close my eyes and think of you, and when you close your eyes and think of me; when our hands stretch across an ocean and beyond, our lives somehow inexplicably collide in a way that makes you not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but heart of my heart.

Because when God moved Heaven and earth to bring us together, nothing can change the fact that you are mine. And you are also HIS. And He gave you to me. And He gave me to you. Because we needed each other. Because somehow, through the eons of eternity, we were destined to be here. And “here” isn’t Canada. It isn’t Africa. It’s somewhere in our hearts; where every language is the same. And where we never have to say goodbye, because you are mine. I can’t lose you… not when I’ve already found you.

You are mine. And that means I would run through fire to find you. It means I would give every last breath to make sure you are okay. To make sure you know you are loved. It means that words like “me” and “you” don’t exist anymore. There is only “we” and “us.”

You are mine. And you are His. And I am His.

And we are ONE.

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