Thursday, 8 August 2013

Isimbi Turns 10!

Today is a really special day! Our youth group’s sponsored child, Isimbi Divine A., hits the double digits today! We’ve sponsored Isimbi since November 2011, when she was eight years old.

This is the first glimpse we had of our precious girl. She was seven years old here. Such a beautiful, serious little face!

This is our most recent picture of Isimbi from Compassion Canada. She almost appears to be standing at attention here. Notice how everything she has on is orange? Even her flip-flops! But let me assure you, this girl can smile, even though it doesn’t show in her official pictures.

See? This is our girl with her little brother, Dilani, and her grandmother, Felicite. This was taken when my friends visited her last November.

Isimbi gave our team a special gift that she picked out herself: a picture of a woman holding a peace basket (also known as a friendship basket). The picture is made of banana leaves. Look at the hearts on the gift bag and the hearts on Isimbi’s dress… this girl is all heart! Isimbi is sitting with my friend Sherry here.

For her birthday, I sent Isimbi some paper goodies to help her celebrate. I also wrote her this letter:

 To our special Isimbi,

I wanted to tell you how excited I am that you will soon be turning 10 years old! I hope this letter arrives in time for your birthday and does not arrive too early or too late! Since it is almost your birthday, I want to tell you a very special story. It is the story of how you became our sponsored child.

Myself, and my two best friends Sherry and he husband David , lead a weekly meeting for young people. Every week, we gather together to learn about the Bible, sing, pray, and play games. The young people that come are from ages 12 to ages 19. We call ourselves, “Open Door youth group.”

One day, we prayed and decided that we wanted to sponsor a child. We knew God would lead us to one very special child. After a while, David and Sherry brought a picture to our meeting, and said that God had led them to a little girl in Rwanda, whose name was “Isimbi.” That little girl was you! Even though we didn’t know you, we loved you already.

After a long time, David and Sherry decided to go to Rwanda to visit you and your family. I was sad because I wanted to go as well, but I was happy for my friends who did go. Sherry and David were so happy to meet you, and your brother Dilani, and your grandma. They enjoyed it so much, and they also liked the gift you gave us, of the picture made with banana leaves. Thank you so much for choosing such a beautiful gift! When David and Sherry came back to Canada, where we live, they told us all about you and brought back some pictures of your family. We were so happy to see the pictures!

So that is the story of how you became our sponsored child. We love you so much! All of the young people from Open Door youth group think of you as their little sister, and me and my friends David and Sherry, we think of you as our daughter. So we are all praying that you have a very happy birthday, and that you know how special you are to us. We pray that God blesses you and your family, and keeps you all safe and healthy. We all wanted to send you a card for your birthday, and all of us wrote our names. I am also sending you some little things and stickers for your birthday. I hope you like them. May Jesus Christ be with you every day! We love you so much.

I want to dedicate a song to my precious girl on her birthday. So here’s “1,000 Miles” by Mark Schultz.

Lastly, in honor of Isimbi, I want to show you two children from Compassion International who need sponsors.

The first picture is Cheni Paulo John. He is a six-year-old boy in Tanzania, and he shares Isimbi’s birthday, August 8. Click here to Sponsor Cheni

The second picture is Nyirahabinshuti Goletti, a 10 year old girl living in Rwanda, just like Isimbi. Click here to sponsor Nyirahabinshuti 

Will you consider sponsoring a needy child today? Isimbi would tell you, “It’s worth it!”


  1. Isimbi is such a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday to her!! I know she'll love receiving your birthday letter. And what precious photos of her from your friend who was able to meet her!!! A friend met our child in Colombia last year and those photos are so precious to me!!

    1. It's so special when we have extra photos of our kids, isn't it?! I can't wait to meet Isimbi next year, I'm counting the days to when I finally have a picture of both of us together!