Saturday, 13 June 2015

May Memories

Okay, so this post is late… way late. However, here it is… finally!
I received just one letter in the month of May, from my precious Isimbi in Rwanda.

She sent her warm greetings to me in Jesus’ Name and asked how I was doing. Her family is all doing fine, and she hopes that we’re all well too. She’s in the middle of end of term one exams, and she says, “I hope to pass them well because I read hard, and I know that you always pray for me.”

She then wishes me the best, and said, “Happy Easter.” She also thanked me for my letters and said she was so happy to hear from me, adding, “The letter was so encouraging.” She then thanked me and ended by saying, “May God bless you!”

I’m so glad that she finds my letters encouraging; that’s the whole reason I write to my kiddos! 

Isimbi will be turning 12 in August, and I can’t believe how fast time flies!

On another note, I have letters on the way from Miriam (first letter), Ada, Papi (first letter), and Isimbi (again)! So June should be a good month for letters… if they ever get here! (Not impatient at all, haha)

What letters have you received lately?


  1. Wow! June will be a good letter month! And what a sweet letter from Isimbi. I'm so glad she enjoys your letters so much!!

    1. It's shaping up to be great already... I have two of four letters!