Saturday, 17 February 2018

Letters From The Newest Three

What is it they say about the best of intentions?

Well, I'm not going to give anybody any long excuses for how long I've been absent from this blog... I can only promise with all sincerity that I WILL try to do better in the future!

I recently realized that although I've shared many letters from my kids since I've started my blog, I haven't shared any of the letters from my newest correspondent kids! That will change today!

Let's start off with Elijah in Kenya, who was assigned to me in February of last year. It took a while for the letters to get flowing back and forth, but I've received 4 of them so far!
In his most recent letter, he says:

"First and foremost I greet you in Jesus' Name. How is you with your family? I am doing well, in my studies I was promoted to the next class. Pray for me next year I will be candidate for national exam. I hope you are doing well in all activities. How is the weather in your country? In our country the weather is cool and wet. How is your holiday? Mine is good. I hope to see you in future. Thank you for your support. May God blessed you and reward your work. Have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

Elijah also drew me this great picture of a ball, house, and tree!

Next up we have Gifty in Uganda! Gifty has been a fun one to get to know... she has great tutors who help her answer all of my questions, and I have even gotten a personal letter written by the project director on her behalf, telling me all about her!

This letter was on the "What I Like Best" template. She says:

What I like to do best with my family is: I sweep the house, fetch water and wash dishes.
What I like to do best with my friends is: Fetching water and playing skipping rope.
What I like best about the project is: Food, prayers and singing.
The teacher I like best in school is: Teacher D. because she loves me and teaches well.
The place I like best to visit is: The United States of America.

Hello my special sponsor Hannah. I am fine and my families are doing good. I had a wonderful Christmas this year. Yes in Uganda we have turkeys. (I had told her about eating turkey at Christmas, and asked if they have turkeys in Uganda.) I am thankful for taking time to pray for my father. God bless you. I have not heard about Luke in Bible but I'm happy that you told me about him now. I love the photos you send for me. You and your parents looks wonderful. I think you look like your mother. I also look like my mother. (I sent her a picture of my parents and asked her which parent I looked most like, and then asked her which family member she looks most like.) You did a great work to award me with special certificate. (A "good job for showing love to others" award.) You are the best. Thanks I love you.

Gifty also drew this picture for me, labeled, "This is me wearing my best outfit."

Last but of course not least, we have a letter from Jessica in Ghana! I have received two letters from Jessica. Her second one was written by a project worker since she was unable to be present on letter-writing day, so I will just share the first one with you! Ghanaian letters are also written on a type of form letter, so I will type it out as it's written.

Dear: Hannah
Thank you message for sponsor: I'm thanking you for your sponsorship. God richly bless you and your family.
Child's new experiences at project/home/school/community, etc: I'm now promoted to J.H.S. two now and I'm the class prefect in my class. And I'm still the elderly sister in my family house.
Child's response to sponsor's questions: My friend's names are R., E., and C. Things I enjoy doing together with them are reading some storybooks and singing together with them. I'm in J.H.S. two now.
Prayer request from child: I want you to pray for me to understand whatever they teach me in my class and project too.
Prayer for my sponsor: I pray that God should give you the understanding and the knowledge to understand whatever you are doing.
Memory Verse: Psalm 103. Praise the Lord, my soul! All my being, praise his holy name!

And Jessica drew this beautiful flower for me!

I'm so thankful to be hearing from my precious children! 

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