Tuesday, 4 June 2013

For the Love of Mbula

As some of you know, my Compassion journey started with one child, my precious Isimbi. She was my world, my heart, my passion… until I felt a nudge from the Lord saying, “You have room for one more.” Shortly after, my beautiful Basomingera Ada joined my family. My two sweet children: both girls, both from Rwanda, both nine years old. And I thought my family was complete. And it was… for a while.

Then, I felt another nudge… this one, for an older child. So I requested that my name be put on the Compassion Canada waiting list again… and I waited.

But this time, I was afraid.

My request was for an older child, boy or girl, from anywhere in Africa or Asia. But my secret desire was for a boy from Africa. I could have requested that specifically, but I was afraid I would be waiting for a much longer time. This sounds like an awful thing to say, but I have to admit the thought came to me several times… “What if I get assigned a child that I feel no connection with? What if I get a child from a country I know nothing about, and I get ‘disappointed’? Can I really love an older child? It was so easy to fall in love with my two little girls… can I have the same connection with an older child? What if I get another girl when it’s a boy I want?” I’ll admit I even prayed a few times, “Lord, if this is not Your will, let my request get lost somewhere or don’t let any children come available!”

Finally, I was able to tell the Lord that whatever child He gave me, I would take it as a sign that He really wanted me to minister to this child and that this child really needed me. Whether they were a boy OR girl from Africa, Thailand, Philippines, India, or wherever.

So on May the 15th, 2013, I put this post on my personal Facebook page. “Happy International Family Day to my two sponsor daughters, Ada and Isimbi! And the big news is... I AM EXPECTING!! Well, expecting another correspondent, that is. Yes, it's official... I've been added to the wait list for a THIRD child! I don't know how long I will have to wait, but I know it will be worth it! I have been SO BLESSED by all those who send prayers my way when I was waiting for my beautiful Ada... will you all join me in praying for the new child, whoever he/she may be??”

And I waited…

On May the 31st, I happened to log into my account on OurCompassion, a forum for Compassion sponsors/correspondents. Then I did a double take, because there was a new face looking back at me!

I immediately checked my account information, and there he was.

Mbula. A boy. An eighteen-year-old boy. An eighteen-year-old African boy!!

I literally ran around the house screaming, shouting, and jumping for joy. “A BOY!! A BOY!! A BOY FROM KENYA!!!! I needn’t have worried about loving a new child… like a new parent, my heart was instantaneously flooded with the most incredible love for this young man. And I find myself so overwhelmed, once again, with the goodness of God. I was also able to request all his former pictures from Compassion Canada, so I also get to watch him grow, in a manner of speaking. So without further ado, here is MBULA!

Mbula age 5. Isn't he adorable?
Mbula age 7. It's common for boys to wear pink in Africa, because
it's considered a dilute of red and therefore masculine color.
Age 9. Not so little now!
Age 11. I love his socks in this picture!

Mbula age 13, wearing pink again...
Age 15. Really growing up!

 And last, but not least...

Mbula, three months before his eighteenth birthday. What a fine young man he's grown into!

 And now, my Compassion family is finally complete… until God says otherwise!


  1. Yay!!! Enjoy corresponding!!! I've found that God opens my heart for each new kids we've added....even if the kid wasn't what I had in mind! But how special that God listened to your request for a boy from Africa!! And what a treat to have so many older photos....I wish the US office did that :)

    1. I can't wait to start getting letters from him! And yes, it's awesome how they keep all the old photos!

  2. Awesome! God totally worked out the details in that one! Did I tell you the story about Abdisa and how I got him?

    You are so lucky in Canada! All those photos are priceless :D

    1. No, I haven't heard that story Lizzie! Have you posted about it on your blog?

    2. No, Hannah, I mentioned it on OC. Anyway, let me tell you :) So I have my kiddos scattered around South/Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia. And I really wanted an African child. So, I asked Compassion for a correspondent. I didn't specify country or age or gender. Then the night before, I was thinking it would be nice to have an older boy. All my boys are younger (-11). Then, I get that e-mail from OC saying that I was added to a CDSP group. And it was ET805 for Abdisa. Not only did I get an African child, but also a teen boy! Plus, I totally love ET kiddos. Something about them just makes me wanna hug them. So yeah, it was pretty awesome how God worked it out. Who know who I would have gotten if I said I wanted an African child or even older boy. Just goes to show that God hears our every thought! :)

    3. Wow Lizzie, that is amazing! I love how God works things out perfectly!