Monday, 9 September 2013

A Wing and a Prayer

Last week, I was sitting at my computer when I was startled by a thud. It almost sounded as if someone had thrown something at my window. I got up and looked; and at first, I saw nothing. Then I noticed a tiny figure huddled on the ground beneath my window. With a sinking heart, I realized that a tiny yellow bird had flown into my window. I peered anxiously at him through the glass, hoping that he’d fly away; instead, he trembled a little and closed his eyes as if he were too weak to move. My heart broke.

Quickly, I called out to my parents, who were in another part of the house. “Oh, a little bird just hit my window and I think he’s got himself killed!” Both my parents hurried into my room and joined me in looking at our little accident victim. He was so tiny that at first I had thought he was one of those artificial birds that you glue onto wreaths and such. He sat barely moving, except for one wing which, I now noticed, stuck out a little from his side as if it were broken. My heart sank a little further. Despite all the stories you read about people taking in injured birds and caring for them, the reality is, it very seldom happens in real life.

After we watched for a minute or two, my father decided to go outside and take a closer look. My mother and I watched breathlessly from the window as he crept closer, and closer still. I called out through the window, “Don’t frighten him!” I was worried that the little bird would try to flee away and ultimately hurt himself more badly.

Amazingly, our little visitor never even flinched as my father gently lifted and cradled the tiny form in his hands and lifted him up to the window for us to see. In that instant, I sat literally eyeball-to-eyeball with a minute piece of nature, sitting still and sheltered in my father’s hands.

Careful not to frighten him more, I raised my camera and started snapping pictures, knowing that this story would be unbelievable otherwise. A minute or two later, my father attempted to put the little bird down at the base of a sheltering tree. Imagine our surprise when the tiny waif clung to his hand with his miniscule feet, refusing to be put down. After a few seconds, he succeeded in dislodging his “passenger” and setting him down in the deep grass.

I then decided to make my way outdoors and see if I too could have a close encounter with our little friend. I crept outside and rounded the corner of the house, dropping down to crawl on my hands and knees towards the bird, determined not to scare him into attempting what could be a disastrous flight. At last, I lay down full length in the damp grass and watched my little friend watch me.

Finally, after a minute or two had passed, I slowly, slowly reached out my hand, and just for one second frozen in time, I touched the downy softness and felt a tiny, warm body beneath my hand. His heart beat wildly beneath my fingertips, but he didn’t attempt to pull away, just looking at me calmly.

I removed my hand and stared at him. As I did, my eyes filled with tears; and if I ever prayed before, I prayed then. “God, if this bird dies from crashing into my window, I will feel guilty the rest of my life. The Bible says that you see the sparrows when they fall, so I know You are watching now. Please Lord, don’t let this bird die.”

Mere seconds after my prayer, I was startled when the bird blinked his shiny boot-button eyes at me and opened his beak wide, as if he wanted to speak. Then he looked at the sky, gave his head a little shake, ruffled his feathers, and darted away into the sky! As his tiny form disappeared from sight, my eyes filled with tears again; this time, tears of thankfulness. I am convinced that my Heavenly Father heard my prayer and somehow sent a healing touch to this little winged visitor.

Later, as I studied the incredible images on my camera that showcase my encounter, I shivered with amazement. The pictures, to me, symbolize God’s love and care for us. When life knocks you down and you feel like your wings are broken, unable to lift you above the storm, there’s no need to fear. All you have to do is rest safe and secure in your Father’s Hands.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father's knowledge.
 So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:29,31
*All Photos are my property, please do not use them without permission.


  1. This post is so precious! What an amazing reminder that God cares for you and me! It's so incredible how he could create such stunning little creatures but love us even more than them. Thank you for this post!

    1. Thank you for reading Alicia, glad you enjoyed it!