Friday, 14 March 2014

Basomingera Feels Like Missing Me

I received an adorable letter from my 10-year-old Basomingera Ada last month!

I wanted to wait until now to share it because she said some things that concerned me, and I wanted to do an inquiry and find out more information. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing too serious!
Ada is the child that I had to wait for six months to receive her first letter, and when it came, it was an impersonal letter written by project staff on her behalf. But when her second letter came, it was amazing and overflowing with affection, so I couldn’t wait for her third letter to see if the trend would continue. Sure enough, it did… she squeezed every available inch of space full of words! I think I have a chatterbox on my hands!
   She begins by saying, “I, your child Basomingera Ada, I greet you in Jesus’ name.” She then tells me that she loves me so much, and adds, “I feel like missing you.” Then she thanks me for all the good things I do for her. She said that she thanked God for being with them during some health concerns in her family (I won’t mention them for the family’s privacy) and explained some of the details of that, but then said that they were now better. She then told me her three sibling’s names (Two sisters, also with names beginning with “A” and a brother) and what grades they are in at school. She asked me how I was doing, wished me a Merry Christmas, and asked me to read Romans 15:13.
   Ada then thanked me for the letters and photos of me around the lake (actually the ocean) and for the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. And she says she wishes to be a doctor!
I had written Jeremiah 29:11 in Kinyarwanda for her birthday, and talked about how God has good plans for her future. Then I asked if what she wanted to be when she grew up. I’m happy to hear that she liked the verse and that she wants to be a doctor; I think she would make a wonderful doctor!
I should add that this is the third time that Ada has said she misses me… she says that in every letter! Have I said lately that I love my beautiful girl so much?! 

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  1. What a great letter!! I'm glad that you received good news to your inquiry. Ada sounds like a sweet girl!