Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Flashbacks

February was an exciting month for the simple fact that I got another letter from Ada! I think this is the first time I’ve heard from any of my kids two months in a row.

Ada begins her letter by greeting me in the name of Jesus Christ, and wishing me peace from God
and a Merry Christmas. She shares that she was 10th in her class with a score of 53% (a great improvement!) She then said, “I thank God who connected us.” She said that in her family, there is no one sick, which I was glad to hear. She then asked me to continue having a Merry Christmas. She also sent me her first request “I wish that you show me your father and mother and I wish them a Merry Christmas.” (I have a letter all ready to go now with photos of my parents!) Then she told me, “I wish to be a doctor and I wish to see you.” Then she wished me Merry Christmas. She thanked me for the letter I sent her with good words, and ended by wishing me (you guessed it) Merry Christmas! (Do you think she wanted me to have a Merry Christmas?!)

I also received the most wonderful treat from Compassion… a photo of Ada with the tiny stuffed dog I sent her almost two years ago with a traveling sponsor. Compassion said that she sadly lost the necklace, but had kept the little dog all this time! I’m thrilled to death with a brand-new photo of my precious girl. She’s grown so much taller! What a sweet little sad face she has.

Then, I heard from Mbula! He’s definitely my most consistent writer. He greeted me by saying, “Hallo my sister?” Which thrills me because I love being “adopted” into my kids’ families. He says, “I am fine with my family members, and they have actually greeted you very much.” Mbula shares his happiness that I managed to sponsor him, and prayed for the Almighty God to bless me as I keep sponsoring him. He also shared a prayer for his previous sponsor, which I thought was so sweet of him. It’s the first I’ve heard of a child doing that. Mbula thanked me for the Christmas card I sent him, he appreciated it so much. He told me that it is the rainy season there now, and that they have already prepared the gardens and planted crops. He then said, “I would be very happy if you wish to visit us here in Kenya and enjoy good and attractive places with beautiful natural features.” He then told me that he is doing very well in his studies and hopes that I keep praying for him. Then he wished me a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and ended by saying, “Be blessed!”

All-in-all, another fantastic letter/picture month!


  1. I love Mbula's letters. What a sweet guy. And Ada is just beautiful in that photo. It makes me smile to see her with that dog. I'm so glad that you're hearing more from her.

  2. I feel like the letters I get from Ada now make up for the huuuuuuge long wait I had to hear from her when I first became her correspondent... I only got three letters from her last year but it looks like this year is going to be different for sure!