Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Memories

I received a couple of awesome letters this month!

First up, a letter from 11-year-old Isimbi in Rwanda. She referred to a letter I sent a while back on the subject about names. She’s my third kid to mention it… apparently it was a really popular letter!

She says, “I firstly greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you doing well? I believe that you are doing fine and the family. We are in holidays and planting sorghum and beans. I do home activities at home. I love you so much and your family and I pray for you to have a good healthy. I thank you for the letter you gave to me and Bible verses. They inspired me so much. I am happy because God knows my name. Thank you!”

Then I got a very exciting letter from 16-year-old Shakira, also in Rwanda! I don’t hear from her very often, so it was a real treat! It was the second letter she’s ever written in English, and she did so well with it!!

She asked several questions about how I am, how my family is, how I feel, how my life is, how I celebrated Christmas and New Years’, etc. Then she said her and her family are “cool,” which made me chuckle a bit. I had to wonder where she picked up that expression! Then she added, “I thank God because I have a beautiful sponsor, thank you for choosing me.” She then shared the results of her National Exam with me, which was awesome! She was really hoping to get promoted to the next level, and she made it! She told me that her purpose in going to school is to study hard. She also told me that she celebrated her birthday on January 19. (I shared pictures in an earlier blog post.)  Then she shared some song lyrics with me, which was pretty neat! I shared a song with her in my reply letter.

I also have a letter on the way from Mbula, and I was hoping it would arrive in time to be included in this blog post, but oh well! Next post!

Have you heard from your kids lately? 


  1. Shakira has the same bday as me :)

  2. Great letters!!! My kids loved my name-theme letter too. Isn't it fun to hear all the different responses?