Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mbula Says Thank You

I received a very special (thick!) envelope in the mail today! I usually wait till the end of the month to share letters from my kids, but this was too special not to share today!

Last August, a Compassion sponsor traveled to Kenya to pay a visit to his children there. He offered to take some gifts from a few Compassion sponsors for their children, and I jumped at the opportunity to send something to Mbula!!

I was allowed to fill a gallon baggie, which was quite a treat as I’d only sent quart-sized baggies to children before. I immediately started hunting for something that I thought my then-19-year-old would enjoy! I started with a green polo shirt, thinking it would be something useful. I added a watch, since I’d heard reports of children really enjoying watches as gifts. Then I chose a red journal with Jeremiah 29:11 embossed on the front. I figured that since his parents are farmers and Mbula often mentions helping with the crops, a good pair of leather gardening gloves wouldn’t go amiss. Then, I slipped in a bookmark and a souvenir keychain with “Canada” written on it, as well as a pack of toothbrushes.

Then I put the package in the mail, bound for the U.S… and waited… and waited!

I did end up having to do an inquiry, since months passed with not a word about the package. How thrilled I was when I heard that Mbula had received his package, and there was a thank-you letter on the way!

I’ve never enjoyed waiting for anything, but I have to say, my long wait was SO worth it. Because when I tore open the Compassion envelope that I received today, this is the first thing that jumped out at me:

My handsome boy, who at one point I was referring to as “Mr. Serious” since he hasn’t smiled in any of the 8 official photos I have of him, is smiling!! What a sweet, happy smile.

He also wrote me a lovely letter and shared with me what he has done with his gifts. He said that he likes to wear his new polo shirt to church, and he also brings his “diary” to church so he can write down his favorite Scripture verses. He also wears his wrist watch (he calls it a “hand watch”) to school each day! And my favorite part; he shared the toothbrushes among his brothers and sister! I had to chuckle, though, when he thanked me for the “soccer gloves”… oh well, if he can use them during his games (he’s an attacking mid-fielder) he’s welcome to them haha! He also included Psalm 37:4 in his letter… “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!”

There were two photos included in the letter, and I love the second one as well. My boy looks so cool and “rad”!

God bless you my sweet brother! Happy tears here today! 


  1. He's so handsome!! And his smile is amazing. I bet these made your heart smile!!! And I love how he's using the gloves for soccer!!!

    1. My heart sang and danced for sure! So exciting and rare to see a smile!