Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Pleased To Meet You: Mbula

Howdy! I'm excited to announce a new mini-series of sorts here on the Path of the Carpenter... Pleased To Meet You!

In this series, I will introduce you to each one of my sponsored kids in depth. I will be sharing photos, quotes from letters, fun facts, hobbies and interests, etc.

I just want to say that I totally got this idea from two awesome blogger-friends of mine; Jessi and Hannah! They have both done a series on their sponsored kids and I LOVED the idea! Jessi blogs over at Me and Mr. Jones, and Hannah blogs from Because of Shamim. I highly recommend that you pop over and check out their blogs; they have some pretty awesome content!

So with that being said, on to the first introduction!

Name: Mbula
Age: 21
Birthday: March 24
Country: Kenya

The first photo of Mbula that I received!

OUR RELATIONSHIP: On May the 15th, 2013, I put my name on Compassion Canada's waiting list for an older correspondent child from Africa or Asia. At the time, I had two 9-year-old girls, and really wanted the chance to connect with an older child. I especially wanted a teen boy from Africa, although I didn't specify that. On May 31st (my mother's birthday) Mbula showed up on my account! The teen boy from Africa that I wanted! He looked very stern and and handsome in his bright red sweater, and I was a little intimidated about connecting with him... I needn't have worried. From our very first letters back and forth, we have called each other brother and sister. He is the sweetest and most Godly young man one could imagine! And on September 25th, 2014, Mbula's financial sponsor dropped him, so I was proud to become his financial sponsor.

Mbula's photo updated a year after I began writing to him!

ABOUT MBULA: Mbula lives with both parents. He has three brothers (Kilonzo, Musyoki, and Mutua) and one sister (Betty). His family are farmers who grow maize and beans, and Mbula works hard to help them with the planting and harvesting. One thing I learned right away about Mbula is that he is a VERY passionate football (soccer) player. He mentions football in almost every letter and enjoys competing as an attacking mid-fielder. Mbula has also been a very dedicated student who's favorite subject is History. He recently graduated from High School, and he dreams of pursuing a university education and becoming a doctor!

EXTRA PHOTOS: In August of 2014, a sponsor friend visited Kenya and offered to take a gallon-size baggie filled with goodies for a few of us sponsors! I was happy to be able to send a polo shirt, wristwatch, toothbrushes, leather gardening gloves , journal with Jeremiah 29:11 on it, bookmark, and a Canada keychain. A few months later I received these fantastic photos of Mbula with his gifts, and got to see my boy smile for the first time!


"In our family, we have three brother and one sister. I would not mind anymore if you would be my second sister in our family."

"My pastor's name is Pastor Matthew who is God's fearing servant and he likes doing God's will and following them."

"My brothers were very much interested in the letter that you sent me. Actually, it was very interesting and they appreciated very much."

"In our community, we are doing well although the rain was inadequate, we managed to put extra effort in the garden matters. We thank God for the little that we have got from our garden."

Mbula's very first Compassion photo at 5 years old!

"In our country we had an athletic games where we had some Kenyans participating in Moscow. In spite of tough competition they managed to win some of the games."

"I am very glad to know the meaning of your name and actually the grace of God is with you. According to me, my name was inherited from my grandfather according to our custom."

"I had a wonderful time since you started sponsoring me and you actually committed yourself in helping me. May you continue with the same spirit as you continue living in this world."

"I am very happy to hear that you have managed to be my sponsor. May the Almighty Lord bless you as you keep on sponsoring me. I also give thanks to my outgoing (previous) sponsor who was very helpful to me. May the Almighty God keep on blessing her very much."

Mbula age 13

"I would be very happy if you wish to visit us here in Kenya and enjoy good and attractive places with beautiful natural features."

"Hallo my sister, let me take this golden chance to salute you. I would greatly thank you for sending me a hand watch, gloves, diary, shirt, toothbrush and the letter that you wrote to me. I actually appreciated them and they are really helping me. Concerning T-shirts I usually wear it when going to church. I also shared toothbrushes among my brothers and my sister. They also appreciated you very much. I also use the watch in school and the diary in church for writing personal Bible verses."

"It is my hope that you are always trusting in the Almighty Lord as your personal Saviour. May He fully bless you and protect you in your life, and expand your territories."

"How have you been since I lastly wrote a letter to you?"

"I am very happy to know from your previous letter that your father is a French. I would also appreciate if you sent me a letter with a French words and their meanings."

"I greatly appreciate for your letter of a short story of a moose. I have really enjoyed reading it and it's my hope that our family members will enjoy reading and narrate it to others."

"It is my hope that God has made your life a beautiful moment, and you deserve to honor and believe in Him in your life."

"I am very glad to inform you that I received the gift you sent me. I really appreciated and thanked a lot. I was able to purchase the following items: 1 goat, 3 plastic chairs and 2 hens. I pray to God that you will keep on remembering me and any other person since we are all God's people."

Mbula's most recent photo; 21 years old.


  1. Mbula is the sweetest guy in his letters! And that first photo of him is adorable!! I love hearing how you were hoping for an older guy from Africa and that's who God sent!! I love how He does that.... there's no doubt that God is the one who assigns correspondent relationships. I know one time just asking for a general request and being assigned our Jadson in Brazil...from the same project where we already have two kids!! There are so many more stories like that too. I look forward to "meeting" your other kids in future posts!!

    1. He was such a cute little bit back then wasn't he?! I'm really enjoying doing up these posts... I can't wait to introduce the rest of my kids! And yes, it is amazing how God picks exactly who is meant to be a part of our families!

  2. Thank you for introducing Mubla, I love the pictures and especially enjoyed the letter snippets.